Long list of cons with breast augmentation surgery

Operation is a popular method of breast enlargement. It has some advantages – the results are immediate and lasting. However, you should really think it over before you decide to “go under the knife” – the list of side effects that a surgery can bring about is really long. One of our readers knows what we’re talking about. Susan, after years of living in hiding, decided to send us a letter and tell us the truth about boob-ops.

Shame and embarrassment

Susan S., who lives in a small town in the west of England, had a breast enlargement operation five years ago. It was supposed to boost her self-confidence, she writes in the letter. Unfortunately, the surgeon botched the operation, leaving the woman scarred for life. “(…) My life is a nightmare. I thought the operation would help me become more confident, open to people, make new friends, just be happier, but it ruined my life. I withdrew completely from the world.

I was too embarrassed to tell anybody about the effects of the operation. I overcame my feelings when I heard about Andrea Scott. I was filled with admiration for her after reading her story – she showed her face and terribly scarred body and told the truth about plastic surgeries. It helped me overcome embarrassment and warn other women against boob-ops. I personally found out that the risk is too high. Now I would opt for a safer method. (…)”

Dramatic results

We found the story of the woman that Susan writes about in her letter. The results are really dramatic. Unfortunately, Andrea Scott is not the only plastic surgery victim. The number of women whose health was damaged as a result of an operation that had gone wrong is considerable. One of them is a woman from Sweden, who decided to undergo an operation in Poland over 2 years ago, during which her brain was injured. She’s been in a coma since then.

The number of breast enlargement operations that go wrong is increasing. The situation is alarming. I can’t understand women who decide to take such a step. There are other effective and much safer methods, like e.g. natural supplements. Nature, rather than scalpel, is the solution.

There is an alternative – breast enhancement pills

Is there any alternative to risky operations? The answer is: yes, even more than one. Although some of the methods are not as effective as an operation and pose some risk, everyone should know that a breast enlargement operation is not the only option. Women wishing to have full and firm breast have more to choose from – hyaluronic acid injections, physical exercises, creams or supplements.

However, only system, namely supplements and pills for breast enhancement, is believed to be totally safe and effective.

Natural breast enhancement is the solution

Dietary supplements – a non-invasive method of breast enlargement. Pills, usually all natural, are proved to gradually increase breast size. “They work”, write our readers, who tell us their stories in letters we get. Here is one of them:

“I decided to write this letter after I read an article about natural methods of breast enlargement. I had always envied stars for full breast, but I was afraid of plastic operations and didn’t know any other way to boost my bust. Thanks to you, I found out it is possible to have biggest breast without going under the knife. I bought BreastFast because I found the greatest number of positive opinions about this product. What’s more, it’s all natural. I must admit that the effects that I got surprised even me! This summer, I won’t feel embarrassed because of the size of my bust and worse than women with full breast. It’s unbelievable that 100% natural supplement boosted my bust from A- to C-cup. Yet, it’s possible!”